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Something BIG Beneath the Surface For Gold & Silver

The Team 
APR 12, 2023

Mike Maloney has just released a new video that you won't want to miss. Daniela Cambone from Stansberry Research, joins Mike to hear his latest insights on the current state of the gold and silver markets.

Danielle has been an expert in the gold industry for years. During their conversation, Mike thinks gold and silver prices are headed, and whether he believes their prices are being suppressed. You'll also learn how much of Mike's own portfolio is invested in precious metals, and why he considers them a crucial part of any investor's strategy.

This is a must-see clip for anyone interested in gold and silver investing – so don't wait. See what Mike and Danielle have to say about the gold and silver markets today.

Mike Maloney is host of the smash hit video series, Hidden Secrets of Money; former Rich Dad/Poor Dad advisor; author of the best-selling precious metals book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and founder of – a global leader in precious metals investments. For more than a decade, Mike’s traveled the world sharing his economic insights with audiences from Hong Kong to Rome and from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Get a copy of his new book.

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