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Tesla Roadster: $1 Million Target For 'Car That Killed the Internal Combustion Engine'

The GoldSilver Team 
AUG 3, 2023

When it comes to spotting unique investment opportunities, Mike Maloney has always been ahead of the curve. Now, he's set his sights on an asset that could revolutionize the way we think about collectibles.  

And no, it's not gold, silver, or any traditional precious metal you might be imagining.

But its rarity and unique features could make it one of the most sought-after collectibles on Earth over the next decade...

In his latest video, Mike explores the untapped investment potential of the groundbreaking Tesla Roadster. This car played a pivotal role in the development of electric vehicle batteries, serving as the key catalyst for the entire industry's progression. Simply put, without the Tesla Roadster, the electric vehicle industry would be nowhere near where it is today.  

It's an asset that not only offers an incredible driving experience but also holds immense value as an investment. Mike says that it’s the special combination of rarity and historical significance that could make these cars worth upwards of $1 million someday.

Join Mike on a fascinating trip to Gruber Motor Company, where he uncovers the secrets behind the Tesla Roadster's unique collectability and its enormous potential for appreciation.

Get ready to discover why these extraordinary cars are rapidly garnering the attention of auto enthusiasts and discerning investors alike. Watch Mike's eye-opening video now.

Mike Maloney is more than just a legend in the precious metals industry. He’s on a mission to help everyone maximize their individual prosperity. Mike is best known as the host of the hit video series Hidden Secrets of Money and his extremely popular YouTube channel which has over 100 million views, where he reveals the truth about money, currency, and the flaws in our monetary system. Mike’s also a best-selling author of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and The Great Gold and Silver Rush of the 21st Century. For nearly two decades, Maloney has traveled the globe, sharing his deep insights into economics and monetary history with diverse audiences, from Silicon Valley tech gurus to Wall Street financiers, and from Hong Kong business leaders to Roman scholars.