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The Argument for the Coming Price Surge of “Peak Silver”

Wall Street Examiner  ( Original )
FEB 14, 2018

Peter Krauth sees a confluence of several factors combining to result in “peak silver”, a condition during which he prognosticates panic buying and historic price escalations:

  • Silver supplies risk falling short of demand for some time to come. In mid-December 2017, I said silver would likely tack on steady double-digit gains before entering a “Tulip Mania”-style profit frenzy.
  • Silver Production Won’t Ever Be as High Again; 2015 may well have marked a long-term peak in global silver production.
  • Silver Mining Is a Tough Game… and Getting Tougher; According to recent research by SRSrocco Report, two of the world’s largest primary silver mines have been facing some very stiff headwinds.
  • Silver Production Has Plummeted All Over the World; The following table (we only have numbers up to 2016 for now) ranks countries by annual silver output.

The bottom line: Silver is in a massive bull market, and important production challenges will only add to the metal’s irresistible attractiveness and price gains in 2018.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: “Peak Silver” Is About to Rock Markets and Bring Huge Profits to Smart Buyers by Peter Krauth at Wall Street Examiner on 2/13/18