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The Coinage Act of 1792: Penalty for Currency Manipulation Is Death

The Daily Coin  ( Original )
JUN 7, 2018

The Coinage Act of April 2, 1792, establishes a simple, clear, and meaningful penalty for introducing fiat currency into circulation in America via any means whatsoever. Death.

The founding fathers fundamentally understood that fiat currency is the beginning of the end for any free nation. They knew that keeping bankers from controlling the money supply was paramount to the nation’s long-term viability and health.

Eventually, bankers managed to weasel their way in, and with the catastrophic involvement of the Fed and the banishment of the gold standard, the countdown to catastrophe via currency began in earnest in 1913.

Don’t fall for the long con that is the US dollar. Don’t exchange that which is of true value – gold and silver – for worthless paper. Align yourself and your investments on the side of history and sound money: physical gold and physical silver.

The Roman Empire is one of the most well known monetary systems in history. It is also one of the most studied as the long history, and great documentation of how everything worked, has helped anyone with a desire to understand money, currency and economies to come a good understanding of how it works and what happens when a corrupt government begins manipulating the monetary system.

One can also see the impact of the Roman government debasing the national currency (like the Federal Reserve has done beginning in 1913) and the devastating effect on society as a whole. Once a currency becomes corrupt the entire system, and society, must become corrupt to hide the lie the currency is telling.

What I know is this – silver, which translates to money in many countries around the world – is money and should be the backbone of our currency today, just as it has been for most of monetary history. Until sound money is returned to the system, in the form of silver or gold or both, governments, and their corporate friends, will continue their global corrupt crime spree.

I feel as if one of the best things I can do for my family is acquire silver, educate people to silver and encourage others to research silver and the important role it is currently playing in our lives today. Got physical silver?

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver – The Original World Currency by Rory at The Daily Coin on 6/6/18