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‘Trouble In The Bond Market’ Will Render The Fed Powerless And The Assets To Own Now | Fleckenstein

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
FEB 4, 2022

A lot of people regard the Federal Reserve as omnipotent. But it’s not.

The bond market is more powerful. And its days of deferring to the Fed’s wishes may soon be over.

Should that happen, all heck will break loose in the markets.

And bond yields are now rising as the Fed accelerates its tapering, on the way to then raising interest rates.

The last time today's guest expert was on the program, he warned that the bubble in financial asset prices would be popped by "trouble in the bond market". So, with interest rates now on the rise, how close to "trouble" are we now?

To find out, let's ask the man himself: investor and analyst Bill Fleckenstein of Fleckenstein Capital.

Our interview with Bill Fleckenstein continues here, where Bill shares his thoughts on how investors can protect & growth their wealth given the unique conditions of 2022.

For the reasons he detailed in Part 1 of this interview, Bill is beginning to place short trades -- the first time he has done so in years. This is strong validation of Bill's concerns that the financial markets are indeed becoming very invulnerable.

He also thinks today's market conditions are becoming exceptionally supportive for gold, as well as the gold mining companies. To find out why, watch the above video.

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