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Urgent Silver Update With Mike Maloney and Tavi Costa

Mike Maloney, GoldSilver 
AUG 8, 2023

There is something brewing in the silver chart that Mike Maloney wants you to see.  

To unpack this, Mike has invited Tavi Costa, a renowned portfolio manager at Crescat Capital, onto the show. Tavi's insights have been spotlighted by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many other major outlets. Together, they delve deep into what might be on the horizon for silver.

In this riveting discussion, they explore:

  • The signs pointing to a potentially BIG silver breakout
  • Alarming trends, including escalating interest payments on federal debt and widening fiscal deficits.
  • The ripple effects of deficits, Treasury yields, and international trade flows.
  • The looming shadow of inflation and what it means for you.
  • The timeless value of gold, with a deep dive into historical gold cycles and what they predict for the future.

Is the long-awaited silver breakout just around the corner? Don’t miss Mike and Tavi’s comprehensive analysis of the precious metals markets, the dollar’s trajectory, international trade, and so much more.

And, if Tavi's insights resonated with you, let us know! We're considering bringing him back for more in-depth discussions. Email us to tell us your thoughts.