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We're Creeping Towards Disaster

Mike Maloney, GoldSilver 
AUG 10, 2023

Ever heard of the "creep" phenomenon? It's where seemingly good intentions can, over time, lead to unexpected and often negative outcomes.

In Mike Maloney's latest video, he delves deep into this concept, shedding light on some alarming trends:

  • A significant surge in disability claims since the pandemic, with a surprising rise even among those employed.
  • Historical data that paints a picture of consistently growing disability claims over the decades.
  • A concerning escalation in government spending on income security, disability, welfare, and social services. But can this level of expenditure be sustained?
  • The looming financial challenges we face, especially the widening chasm between assets and liabilities in pension funds, with a spotlight on Social Security.
  • And here's a startling fact: Today's US dollar has only about 10% of the purchasing power it had in the 1950s. Imagine what that means for our savings and investments!

Where do we go from here? Want to be better prepared for what the future might hold?

Watch Mike's Video Now.