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How to Own Gold: What if the Banking System Collapses?

Merk Funds  ( Original )
APR 13, 2018

GoldSilver offers convenient, affordable, vault storage for your physical gold and silver buys. Working with reputable third parties (such as Brinks) outside of the banking system, your precious metals assets are safeguarded from all manner of external threat, up to and including the failure of the US banking system.

It was just 10 years ago that the US banking system did, in fact, almost fail. It seems like ancient history now, as global markets drunk on central bank fiat liquor continue to carouse recklessly into these late bull market hours.

Lessons not learned result in more dramatic crises, opportunities to learn those lessons again, but only after more pain is inflicted than the last time. Via secure vault storage from GoldSilver, you can store your gold at four worldwide locations, ensuring you are prepared, no matter what.

The concept of safety is in the eye of the beholder. During the financial crisis, we were concerned about the return of your money rather than the return on your money. The price of gold may decline; but if you own a certain number of ounces, physically in gold coins, the number of ounces will not decline unless you sell the gold, lose it or have it stolen.

 Should the financial system ever break down, will you have money? Do you even need money? Do you scoff at that possibility? Let me make it clear that I do not think the financial system is about to break apart.

That said, I took out a substantial amount of cash and physical gold ahead of 2008’s most volatile days. It’s nice to know the financial system didn’t break, but I preferred to have a plan B in place, just in case.

Let’s assume for a moment that a truly bad scenario really unfolded. Should the wheels come off, is it more important to be in a safe community, to be able to live off one’s land? To have a few gold coins?

As you might gather, you ask ten people and may well get ten different answers. History has shown that human beings aren’t all that good at predicting how they will behave in a crisis. The story of the Three Little Pigs suggests that many laugh at those that take precautions, only to come and seek help when disaster strikes.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: How I Own My Gold by Axel Merk at Merk Funds on 4/12/18