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For precious metals investors interested in buying a safe, this selection of MESA home safes, wall safes and composite safes provide safety from burglaries or fires for your guns, gold and silver, or important documents. Choose from low and high profile safes, various sizes and thicknesses and different impact ratings and fire resistance. GoldSilver knows how important it is to store your wealth securely.

MESA Burglary & Fire Safe MBF2020

Fire and burglary safe - Front View Closed
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MESA Burglary & Fire Safe MBF3820

Large Fire and Burglary Safe - Front View
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MESA Gun Safe MBF6032

Medium Gun Safe - Front Panel View
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MESA Constitution Safe MBF6032-P

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MESA Gun Safe MBF7236

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What does Mike buy? (08:09)

Mike Maloney speaks candidly about his purchasing decisions.

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