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Exclusive New Breakable Gold Bar - Valcambi Suisse Gold CombiBar 50 g 
MAR 8, 2013

Think gold bullion is too valuable to buy groceries with?

The new 50 gram Valcambi Gold CombiBars, available now at™, is specifically designed for trade.  

In a currency crisis, you may want to trade in some gold for groceries.  These new individually hallmarked, breakable mini 1 gram gold bars would likely suffice (one gram of gold's current melt value just above $ 50 USD).  

These new 1.607 troy ounce divisible gold bars are easily breakable into mini 1 gram gold bars useful for trade or currency crisis payment. Produced by one of the world's most trusted gold refiners, Valcambi Suisse, these gold bars are state of the art in design and packaging. 

Each dividable gold bar weighs 50 grams, each produced with precise break points allowing for easy separation into 1 gram mini gold pieces without any loss of gold material.  Each 1 gram gold piece has it's hallmark and purity individually stamped, making them very easy to identify as a gift and or use as money in times of crisis.

At the size of a standard credit card, the 50 gram Gold CombiBars can be easily transported in a wallet. 

These breakable Gold Bars are also IRA accepted and minted according to the high quality for which Valcambi Suisse is famous for.  These new Gold CombiBars also meet the highest optical and technical standards in the bullion industry.

Each breakable Gold CombiBar comes with a unique serial code, including 2 letters and 6 numbers stamped on the bar, plus a serial numbered assay certificate.


Click here to shop the new Valcambi Gold CombiBars!


Click here to shop the new Valcambi Gold CombiBars!