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The Secret To Surviving 2022 That Every Investor Should Know | Steen Jakobsen

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
DEC 18, 2021

In Part 1 of this interview, Saxo Bank Chief Investment Office Steen Jakobsen explained why Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced this week that - to fight the inflation it has played a central role in creating - the Federal Reserve will accelerate its tapering program and likely hike interest rates three times in 2022.

Because the Fed will suddenly now pursue a more hawkish course than the markets have been accustomed to for the past decade, Steen predicts 2022 will be a much more volatile year for stocks, bonds & other financial assets than investors are used to.

Here in Part 2, Steen reveals that "diversification" will the be secret to surviving the market turmoil that is likely to ensue.

He then generously breaks down how his portfolio at Saxo is allocated for the road ahead in 2022:

- 35% Equities
- 13% Bonds/Fixed Income
- 10% Commodities
- 10% Gold
- 7% Crypto
- 5% Volatility
- 20% Real Estate

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