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Alert: Silver Goes on Sale

The Team 
JAN 28, 2020

As we write, silver is down 3.4%, one of its more volatile days.

This has pushed the gold/silver ratio back close to 90. It hasn’t been this high, meaning silver hasn’t been this undervalued compared to gold, since early last summer.

It may not feel like it, since silver has been on the rise, but this level of volatility makes today a prime buying opportunity. 

Are higher silver prices ahead? The answer is more likely yes than no.

Just look at gold. Yes, gold is down today, too—but it’s at all-time highs in euros, pounds, yen, and Aussie dollars. And it hovers near all-time highs in many other fiat currencies. 

This is due to the uncertainty and fear those countries have been experiencing for some time now.

And given the risks embedded in the system here in North America, Mike Maloney believes it is only a matter of time before similar uncertainties and fears hit the US markets, economy, and currency.

This makes today’s selloff a gift!  Possibly a brief opportunity to pick up more physical silver for our fiat currency.

At some point in the near future, the gold/silver ratio will reverse and start a new downtrend. Silver historically follows gold in the beginning stages of a bull market, then explodes in price and outperforms gold by as much as 3- and 4-to-1.

(For example: in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the gold/silver ratio was in the 30s!)

Use today’s sale price to prepare for a possible silver surge. Shop for silver.