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How Bitcoin May Be Nearing Tulip-Mania Levels  ( Original )
NOV 9, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: How the rip for bitcoin — which cracked $7,800 — may be nearing tulip-mania levels by Victor Reklaitis of on 11/9/17. 

Many people have been calling Bitcoin a bubble including Nouriel Roubini in his latest who said "Bitcoin is a 'gigantic speculative bubble' that will end" Roubini warns the cryptocurrency will become so regulated it will “find its end.”

Well, we will leave that up to the speculators and if you were lucky enough to have bought in early on the Bitcoin mania it might be wise to invest some for the real money ie Gold and Silver.

Please read the rest here; How the rip for bitcoin — which cracked $7,800 — may be nearing tulip-mania levels